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About Me



I'm Robbie. I live in London and work as a coach. 

I coach people on their careers, their work and their lives. It's great work. I have my own coaching business, and have also worked with other organisations like coachingpartnerThe Coaching School, Betterup and 64 Million Artists.

I have spent most of my working life trying to find work that really fits with me: that makes me happy and gets me up in the morning, that I'm good at and enables me to make the biggest difference I can, and that contributes to the world in a way that is really me. This isn't easy to find, and in trying to find it I've done a lot of different things.


  • I've been a director, a trustee, a manager, an administrator and a leader. 
  • I've run organisations, festivals and events. 
  • I've worked in the private sector, the public sector and the charity sector.
  • I've recruited or selected over 200 staff, volunteers, interns and work placements.
  • I've selected over 100 people as part of my work for an internationally renowned leadership development programme.
  • I've changed careers (at least) three times.


Well, I have done a lot of work looking at the threads that have wound through my working life - the work I've done that I was really proud of, that I was good at, and that felt really, truly important to me - and I realised that at the centre of most of my best work was working with people, helping them grow, develop and achieve the things they wanted to achieve. This is the kind of work I could help you do, if you wanted to work with me.

And when I thought about it, I realised that I come from a family of listeners, change-workers and coaches. For instance, my grandfathers were a minister and a navy Physical Training coach. Listening and working with people is in my blood

After experimenting with several ways of bringing this into my work, I found The Coaching School, and did their fantastic Foundation Course. This developed my skills and gave me an amazing set of tools and resources to work with clients, and help them find careers, work and lives that really fit. And, as I said, it's great work. If you would like to give it a try, get in touch.

What else do I get up to?

I write: a weekly blog written on my twelve-minute train journey into London, and sometimes longer pieces. Read my writing on LinkedIn here, or via the link below, and sign up here to join my mailing list, where you'll get updates on my writing and other things I'm up to.

Visit the website I made, dedicated to the wisdom of my favourite author, David Gemmell, here, and sign up for a weekly wisdom email.

Visit the website I made with my friend and colleague Nicole Brigandi, on Mastering Your Personal Brand.

Watch some videos of me on Youtube.

As well as my own coaching work, I have worked as a coach or facilitator for organisations as diverse as Swiss Re, Sound and Music, 100%OpenUCL Union and the Department for International Development.