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Who I Work With

who i work with

These are the people I do my best work with:

People who want their work to be extraordinary.

Sometimes my clients' work is a mess. Sometimes it's OK. Sometimes it's already really excellent. But in all these cases, I help people understand what they really want it to be and create an extraordinary reality. 

People who want to rediscover their spark, their confidence and their inner strength.

Sometimes the world grinds good people down. I show people - and help them truly understand - their inner strength and what makes them unique, so they can take that into the world and build the life they want to live.

my clients

Want to have a big impact on the world.

Are ready to learn about themselves - asking and answering big questions.

Are high performers, whether they recognise that themselves or not.


'Working with Robbie over the last three months has had a transformational impact on my career direction and ambition. His ability to ask the right questions and probe at the right moments enabled me to find clarity in what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I was starting to feel deflated by the pressure of running a company on my own and the coaching allowed me to reconnect with why I do it and to get excited about its potential again. The decisions I have taken as a result  of our time together would not have happened without his support, enthusiasm and ability to enable me to draw conclusions about what is the right direction for my career development.'

Charlotte, London

'Initially I was incredibly sceptical about careers coaching. If I'm honest I thought it would be a bit of a waste of money - a lot of waffly conversations like those awful training days you have at work. Death by flip-chart. I'd done SWOT analysis models before looked up some things online and read books and I thought I knew myself quite well. I just hadn't found the right career move just yet. 

The thing that changed my mind was when a friend came over for dinner and started to talk to me about my decision to leave teaching to pursue something else. I knew I needed a change but was very anxious about it and felt quite insecure about what I could do next. I just couldn't find a job that seemed to excite me. My friend asked me some incredibly useful questions and I was amazed at the responses I heard myself give. The conversation was so insightful and I found myself expressing opinions that I hadn't even considered. It turned out that she was part way through her own coaching agreement with Robbie and had just used a couple of the tools he had introduced her to. I think that helped me see the benefit of coaching - those 30 minutes helped me get a new perspective that I hadn't seen before. 

From working with Robbie, I've learnt a different approach to finding work - that careers don't only come from what's available on Guardian Jobs. I've learnt about the difference between "I should..." decisions and "I really want to..." decisions. The coaching has helped me to get clarity in my thinking and also given me a huge amount of confidence. When I talk through decisions with family and friends their well-intentioned comments are always tinged with their own insecurities, worries, political opinions, self-perceptions and ideas. I would always leave those conversations more anxious and confused than before. My coaching conversations with Robbie have left me feeling quite the opposite - confident, positive and motivated. It has been so useful having a clean slate to reflect my thoughts off. As a result of the coaching I have started my own business - something I never thought I would do. I now come at challenges from the perspective of possibility rather than impossibility and I am seeing each step, moment, failure, success and achievement as opportunities to learn and grow.

I think people who are considering coaching should ask themselves a question. Do you go to sleep on a Sunday night excited about what you're going to do tomorrow? Well, you could, and I really think coaching can help you achieve that.'

Edward Watson, Inspire and Build

'Coaching with Robbie has proved incredibly helpful at a time that has been challenging both professionally and personally. Coaching can be a tough process because you're asking some of the big life questions - where am I going, what should I be prioritising? It can be emotional at times, and the best thing about Robbie is that he is incredibly empathetic, which mean that I immediately felt comfortable talking about the challenges that I was facing. Robbie challenged me to think about things in a new light and to come up with my own, practical, solutions. I have come out of the sessions with a renewed confidence, as well as greater clarity about what I want to achieve over the next ten years, and how, which is fantastic. I would highly recommend Robbie to anyone who is facing what feels like an insurmountable hurdle, whether it's personal or professional - at the end of your time with him, I'm confident that you will end your sessions knowing exactly what you're going to do to address it.'

Emma Kerr, London


'I worked with Robbie throughout my own coaching training for the last 7 months and am very happy with my development during that time. What I value most about Robbie is him being very appreciative and acknowledging with regard to my development steps, as well as being non-judgmental and understanding. This led me to being truly myself in the sessions and in combination with his intuition to know exactly when to be challenging supported me a lot in overcoming my resistance and moving forward to realise my dreams. I have come a long way working with Robbie and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to challenge himself to getting closer to your true calling by discovering your inner strengths.'

Valeria Bernardy, Germany

'I have followed (and been impressed by) Robbie's career for a long time, so I jumped at the chance to be able to work with him. 

In my own case there were two specific things that I wanted to work through- firstly getting my plans and ambitions a bit clearer in my head and then trying to work on a few things that I thought might stop me from getting to where I wanted to go. The way in which Robbie helped me to gain clarity and then map out a plan of action was exactly what I needed. 

One of the things I most like about Robbie is that I feel that he has got a really good grasp of the opportunities but also the challenges that the modern world brings. That means that he is able to support his clients to be optimistic but also realistic. The world is changing so rapidly that I think having someone who is so interested in human progress coaching you is a real plus. Robbie is clearly passionate about the discipline of coaching in particular and helping people in general. When working with him you get a real sense that he is a person who is curious about the world and that he wants to keep learning as much as he can. That helps to make a coaching session with him such a collaborative effort. 

I had so much I wanted to pack into the time I had with Robbie that I was concerned that I wouldn't come out of it with specific areas that I could work on. However, just by asking a few simple questions, Robbie helped me to find perhaps the key underlying issue I needed to talk about- which meant we made so much more progress than I thought possible.'

Alex Swallow, The Influence Expert

'Robbie is genuine, honest, (funny) and incredibly attentive. I have been blown away by the impact our first session has had on the way I think about my goals and how I analyse the outcome of my work. Robbie's undiluted passion for coaching shone through as he guided our conversation, with keen interest, like a partnership of thought. His understanding, infused with his ability to challenge me during the session and in all his follow-up, with specific targets, has been powerful. 

Robbie has this uncommon ability which resulted in me coming out of our introductory coaching session with a true sense of clarity, not just of purpose or vision, but evident in clear, practical steps that I can take, to advance to the next levels in my personal and professional development. Robbie has inspired me - with clarity - and amplified my confidence. 

My advice: if you really want to make change in your life - or on the world - take a step out of your comfort zone, have a sit down - in person or virtually - with Robbie, and the part about you being open about where you are and where you need to be will flow naturally once you meet him.'

Matthew Otubu, London

"Robbie was definitely in tune with what it was I was looking to achieve and discuss through coaching. He asked all the right – and indeed very interesting – questions. Robbie helped to sharpen my instincts about my goals and what I most want to do and also be. What I appreciated most were his strong recommendations on further reading and his positive, aspirational approach. He challenged me to think big, but also to set realistic, practical short-term goals and I thank him for helping me during a slightly difficult period."

Andrew Kaye, London


Robbie was recommended to me by a friend, as I was searching for support for a reorientation in my career. In the first emails we exchanged, I mentioned my concern of not doing the coaching in my mother tongue (German) or at least in the city I live in (Barcelona), but the enthusiasm he transmitted convinced me to try a Skype session.
I was amazed by his ability to open my eyes, mainly by listening and asking the right questions. From the beginning on I felt there was a powerful working process going on and I was impressed by how fast and naturally it developed. 
Robbie definitely helped me to define my near future goals and be more certain in which direction I want to go. I absolutely recommend working with Robbie.

Lina Rummel, Barcelona

'Robbie is very perceptive, analytical and thoughtful, and the space and energy he creates has really enabled me to think differently. Our interactions feel fun whilst also bringing me to a point where I am able to develop an action to take my thinking forward. Robbie creates a strong sense of trust which has enabled me to talk about quite personal issues where I have never really before been able to move beyond a good rant to action. Ultimately, the impact has been making me feel that I am in control of some difficult stuff which previously felt stressful and nebulous and now feels navigable and positive.'

Nina, Kent

'I was lacking direction and focus, but Robbie set me on the right path and I haven’t looked back since. I was recently thinking about how the coaching helped me, because there’s no doubt that it definitely did. My mindset has definitely changed in terms of how I’m now a big believer in saying ‘it’s ok not to be good at something, focus more on what you *are* good at’. It’s amazing actually how such a simple philosophy has changed how I think and feel about things now. So thanks again for your help with it all - you’ve definitely helped to make me more mentally content, and that’s really what it’s all about I suppose!

Matt, York

'In just one session Robbie helped me to put my career objectives and life goals into perspective. I found him easy to talk to and our open, honest conversation led to valuable self-realizations. I left the session feeling inspired and with greater clarity about my objectives going forwards. I would definitely recommend Robbie if you are feeling in any way stuck and in need of direction.'

Sarah, London


'I wanted to work with Robbie as I felt my attitude was restricting me in some aspects of life. We set up a simple Skype meeting and I had an introductory coaching session. The main thing I got from the session was direction. Robbie helped me to gain some perspective on important aspects of my life and to decide that there were some things that I wanted to work on. During the session, Robbie helped me to set a small, manageable goal, which had timescales, was measurable, but more importantly was realistic and achievable. It is now a month since I have put this goal in place and already I have seen it have a positive impact on my life: improved relationships, productivity, critical thinking (not negative) and feeling happier.

I would recommend working with Robbie if you are in need of direction or you need that nudge to put your thoughts into an action.'


Paul, Blackburn