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The Coach's Journey

My six-month group programme for coaches who want to take their business to the next level.

the coach's journey

A six-month group programme for coaches who want to take their business and impact to a new level.

Below - in the first video and in writing - are all the details. But there’s nothing like experiencing coaching. That’s why you can also watch a video of me coaching a group of coaches. You can also use the form at the bottom of the page to register your interest in joining the programme in 2020, and be the first to hear about chances to experience live group coaching with me.

I hope to meet you soon.

This is a group coaching programme to support and inspire coaches to build the businesses and lives they want. It is a space to explore, to create, and to be honest and vulnerable about life as a coach, and running a coaching business, the good times and the hard.

The coach’s journey can be deeply inspiring, and it can be lonely and challenging. We finally find work which takes advantages of the deep talents we have with people. We learn a set of skills and techniques: the coaching skills which enable us to deepen our impact. But that somehow isn’t enough. It’s hard to stay with this journey, with all the challenges of selling ourselves, growing a business, being an entrepreneur, and changing our lives and the lives of others. We need support to turn the skills and techniques we have developed into the lifestyle and business we dream of. We need people to cheer us on, pick us up, hold us to account and hold us, when we fall.



I lead The Coach’s Journey, coaching and teaching, sharing learning from my experience and from my favourite teachers - including Steven Pressfield, Ros and Ben Zander and Rich Litvin - to support you in seeing possibility and creating the extraordinary.

This is a powerful group coaching experience, focused on your coaching and your coaching business. Each week, some or all members of the group will be coached by me. You will learn, create, complete assignments, bring client and business challenges, grow your business, and create the extraordinary life that is calling you.

Each member of the group will commit to being brave, being vulnerable and sharing the truth as they see it, in service of themselves and the other members of the group. Each person will commit to bring the gift of themselves and see the gift in others.


The purpose of this group is to help you take your coaching and coaching business to the next level, so that the work you love can support the extraordinary life you want to live. This programme is for you if:

  • You want to make 2019 the year you take your business to a new level.

  • You have already received training in coaching and have coached people, whether paying or for free.

  • You have seen first-hand the magic of coaching, and the amazing things it can create.

  • You love coaching, and want to create a business - doing this work you love - which supports you to live an extraordinary life, whatever that means for you.

The group will help you:

  • See and believe that creating the business and lifestyle you want is possible.

  • Develop the skills, attitudes and mindsets to make that happen.

  • Hold onto your convictions, by celebrating your successes and acknowledging your struggles.

  • Spend more time in your zone of genius – where you feel most joy and do your best work – and less time getting dragged into other things just because you are capable of doing them.

  • Increase your impact with clients, develop your coaching skills and believe that you can create magic as a coach.

  • Get more clients, who you love to work with, and make more money: this programme is designed to be an investment which will more than pay for itself.

  • Create a coaching business which supports you to live an extraordinary life, whatever that means for you.

A full group coaching session, showing the way that I work in my group programmes, The Coach's Journey and the Pioneering Women Programme.


This is not a training course, although it will provide the opportunity for you to learn about many things. This is a group coaching programme, where you will be coached by me on what is most important to you in a group with other coaches. This way of working is unusual: most of you won’t have experienced this kind of group call before. To help you understand how I work with groups, I gathered three coaches and recorded this video. I coached them individually and as a group, and we created a wonderful energy and powerful results. You can watch that video on this page, or download an audio file of the call by clicking here, to get a feel for whether this way of working could be powerful for you. If you want to watch more of me speaking about issues and challenges that coaches face - like pricing, commitment, how to structure an engagement and much more - visit my youtube page.

And if you want to experience it yourself, sign up for one of the introductory calls below.

Structure of the Programme

  • Three 90-minute group coaching sessions a month for six months (on the brilliant online platform, Zoom).

  • A maximum of five members.

  • Support between calls via a private Facebook group, including the chance to submit a weekly report, and receive feedback and coaching on that.

  • A range of resources and exercises to help you develop your coaching and your business, and offer a frame for the group’s focus each month. These resources and frames will be created and selected based on the needs of the group, and the calls will always provide space for each member to receive coaching on live issues from their work.

  • Recordings of all calls, in audio and video, available to all participants.

  • Accelerator calls with me for those who sign up for the programme early.

The next intake of the Coach’s Journey will start in early 2020.

Signing up for this programme is an investment in yourself and your business. It is a commitment to develop yourself, to grow your work as a coach and to create the business and life that you want. I believe making a commitment to yourself and others is one of the most important stages on the Coach’s Journey. But it is a leap. I’d love to invite you to come take the leap with me.

Got any questions? Get in touch.

Want to find out what this programme will feel like for youWatch the video above, or fill in the form below to register your interest in the 2020 cohort and be the first to hear about chances to experience coaching from me.


I conceived the idea for this group after an article I wrote – about my journey from beginning a coach training programme to being a full-time coach, earning more money than I had in any of my other work, in less than two years – went a bit viral. It has been read over 7,500 times, and left me connected to a community of wonderful coaches, who were inspired by that story. The conversations I had with these people were among the most inspiring and enjoyable that I have, because they - you - are inspiring and wonderful people, and because in those conversations I could feel that I was contributing to the world in a magical way.

I have now been coaching for three and a half years, working with leaders, entrepreneurs, career changers and coaches to help them see their inner greatness and live extraordinary lives. The journey has led me to greater happiness and fulfillment than I thought possible. I want that for you. And, it has contained deep personal and professional struggles which I wouldn’t have been able to get through without the amazing support I built around me. I want that for you, too.

I am a serial learner, and as part of my journey have been on training calls and sessions with many of the world’s leading coaches and coach trainers including Karen Kimsey-House, Michael Neill, Jim Dethmer, Steve Chandler and Katie Hendricks. I also spent six months being coached by Rich Litvin in his Prosperous Coach Salon. Part of my zone of genius is to share my self, my stories and my learning with others, and to see where and how that can help them grow. I look forward to doing that with you, if you choose to join me. 


Helen W picture.jpg

‘Robbie and The Coach’s Journey gave me incredible perspective around the contribution I'm able to make as a coach and in my life more broadly. He also helped me to identify the work that gives me the greatest sense of purpose and fulfillment. Now, I feel infinitely stronger as a coach, and confident as a coach. I have clarity on the power of my work, and the power of the contribution I make. I have the confidence to move forward and make progress when I'd been feeling as if my potential to generate work for myself was drying up. 

I came to Robbie's coaching programme carrying a lot of emotional weight. Now, at the end of the programme, it’s really bizarre. Some of the things that I’m holding right now make me cry on a daily basis, but, even in that space of sometimes distress, sometimes grief, sometimes frustration, I also feel really in control.’ Helen Williams, Director, Rose & Butterfly Coaching, participant in The Coach’s Journey 2018

YM PS headshot.jpeg

'In January, I was unsure about what I was going to do next with my coaching practice and how I was going to take it to the next level. This programme has been about developing my confidence as a coach so that I know I’m a good coach. I think that’s the important thing about doing things like this, rather than doing more coaching courses. Because this is about working with other coaches, seeing how they work, taking learning from that. By learning together and supporting each other we become better coaches.

Through the programme I have become even more focused on who and how I want to coach. Thanks to the resources that Robbie introduced us to and the work we did together, I have been able to develop a way of reaching out to my clients that feels authentic for me. I have greater clarity about how I want to develop my coaching practice and how that fits in with my other goals in life.Yvonne Mackenzie, Leadership and Executive Coach, participant in The Coach’s Journey 2018

does this get you excited?

Good. I'm excited, too. If you think this programme is exactly what you need:

The programme will open again for registration in late 2019, ahead of starting the next cohort in early 2020. Fill in the form below to register your interest, and be the first to hear when more details are available, including chances to join me for a live group coaching call. My intention on those calls is to give enough insight and learning to make the investment in the programme worth it from this alone.

And, if you’re interested in joining the programme, fill in the form and let’s spend some time together to see how I can support you, speak in detail about the programme and ensure we both feel that this is the right programme for you.

Let's create a beautiful year. 

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