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The Pioneering Women Programme

My group coaching programme for women in their late 20s and 30s, who want to create a truly fulfilling life as a modern woman, where career, relationship and family support and enrich each other.

the pioneering women programme

A group coaching programme for women in their late 20s and 30s, who want to create a truly fulfilling life as a modern woman, where career, relationship and family support and enrich each other, and there is space to be ‘me’.

Read below for the details, and complete the form at the bottom of the page to sign up to find out more about the programme. 



Since I met four amazing, pioneering women in the space of four weeks two years ago I have been seeing this story: the story of the new generation of pioneering women in the world today. Women of my generation – born, perhaps, between 1980 and 1990, give or take a few years – who are following in the footsteps of the women who broke so many glass ceilings and barriers over recent decades. Those women were pioneers, too. But today, women are pioneering something different. They are pioneering choice. Real choice. They have the ability to have a career, any career they choose, with more equal opportunity than at any time in millennia. They have more power in relationships: the chance to choose, to be free with who they have relationships with and what kind of relationships they have. And the choice about family, without the stricter societal and familial pressures of past generations.

But choice isn’t easy: it brings pressure, and it brings responsibility. I’ve seen the paralysing nature of choice with so many of my clients, men and women. I have felt it myself.

Faced with this choice, and – as clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson puts it – the foreshortened time-frame that means the modern woman has to have her career and family in order pretty much by the time she’s 35, she can find herself alone, with an absence of the role-models she needs and a sense of isolation and loneliness in the face of these choices. The role-model she is seeking is a woman who has faced society’s expectation – and her own – that she create and carve out a career. She has balanced that with creating a relationship which enriches her and her life. She makes her decisions around family from the heart, stepping into and out of family and work as she desires, free of guilt. And, she has space to be herself - time to spend on the things that make her ‘her’, whatever that may mean. These role-models don’t exist, or at least those who have faced down these challenges in the modern, ever-changing world are few and far between. But they will exist. That is what these pioneering women I see will become.

With all this choice, this freedom, we can create. Create what we really want: outside of the expectations of others, freed up from what our parents, our peers, our teachers, our partners, our colleagues expect of us. With this freedom, you can create the life of your dreams; not betraying the pioneers of the past by turning down the chance to have a career; not ignoring the unique gifts of your femininity because our work and society doesn’t always appreciate them; not betraying the expectations of yourself and others to be independent of the men in your life; not ignoring the internal drives, when they are there, to motherhood; not embracing all these areas only to find out there is no space to be you. Instead, it is about embracing the opportunity, the wonderful opportunity in the modern age, and creating from there. This is what the modern woman is pioneering. It is a journey that inspires me, and that touches my heart.

That is what this group is here to help you do.


I will lead the Pioneering Women Programme, coaching and teaching, sharing learning from my experience and from my favourite teachers to support you in seeing possibility and creating the extraordinary.

This is a powerful group coaching experience. Each week, some or all members of the group will be coached by me. You will learn, be coached, create, complete assignments, bring the challenges you are facing in life and take action to create the extraordinary, fulfilling life that is calling you.

Each member of the group will commit to being brave, being vulnerable and sharing the truth as they see it, in service of themselves and the other members of the group. Each person will commit to bring the gift of themselves and see the gift in others.


Whilst all my coaching programmes are flexible and tailored to the needs of the members, our work will almost certainly touch on:

  1. VISION – Creating a vision of what you want to create through our work together, and of the ideal life that you want to create in the future. We will play with this on three levels: what is success? What would be extraordinary? And, what is the impossible goal?

  2. MISSION – The bigger Why behind your life and work. What is it that keeps you going, what are the things that matter to you deep down? What is the work that inspires you – in your career and outside it - and what do you want to leave behind at the end of your life?

  3. STRATEGY – Coaching isn’t coaching without taking this out to the world. How do you get there? What are the tactics you need, what are the steps you will take, whilst we work together and further into the future? What do you need to put in place to help you, and who will be your partners along the way?

  4. MINDSET – Create a deep understanding of how your mind works. How are you getting in your own way? And how can we create a mindset which opens you up and allows you to create all you want to? The frames I like to use for this are Resistance and Possibility.

  5. ENERGY – We will look at this practically: what are the things which drain you, and what are the things which give you energy? How do you do less of the former, and more of the latter? And, going forward, how do we use energy as a compass, and follow it to find your Zone of Genius, the place where your unique talents and experience meet?


This is a group for women in their 20s and 30s, facing challenges in their career or relationships, and who want to create a life where their career, relationships and family support each other, enriching their life and allowing them to be their best self.

Often, my clients:

  • Have achieved great success already - or at least other people tell them they have - but want more from work and life;

  • Are innovative, loving and creative.

  • Have a heightened sense of right and wrong and a desire to change the world.

  • Have faced challenges, or been through a period of adversity or learning, which has shown them the power of reflecting, and developing their understanding of themselves and the world.

A full group coaching session, showing the way that I work in my group programmes, The Coach's Journey and the Pioneering Women Programme.


This is not a training course, although it will provide the opportunity for you to learn about many things. This is a group coaching programme, where you will be coached by me on what is most important to you, in a group of other pioneering women. This way of working is unusual: you probably won’t have experienced this kind of group call before, and to help people understand how I work with groups, I recorded this video. I coached the three participants individually and as a group, and we created a wonderful energy and powerful results.

You can watch that video on this page, or download an audio file of the call by clicking here, to get a feel for whether this way of working could be powerful for you. If you feel it might be, get in touch.

Structure of the Programme

  • Two 90-minute group coaching sessions a month, via the brilliant online platform Zoom.

  • A maximum of five members at any one time.

  • A weekly report to maintain momentum and learning outside of the calls.

  • Support between calls via a private Facebook group.

  • Connection with other amazing, inspiring, courageous women facing the challenges that the modern world brings via the group calls, and via permanent membership of the Facebook group, which I hope will grow into an inspiring and supportive community.

  • Membership of the group is on a rolling six-month basis. This means - as long as there is space - you can join at any time.

Signing up for this programme is an investment in yourself, and a commitment to develop yourself, and create the work and life that you want. I invite you to take the leap.

Got any questions? Get in touch.

Want to find out more about what this programme will be like? Fill in the form below to speak with me one-to-one and find out more about the programme.


I work as a coach, supporting people in personal and professional leadership. I first thought of bringing together women facing these challenges several years ago, but it has taken me that time to develop the confidence and conviction that I have something powerful to offer in creating and curating a community like this.

My journey into the world of coaching began when a six-year relationship fell apart, and diving into learning about men and women has been at the centre of my personal journey. Since then I have supported many clients in developing or changing their career, as well as creating businesses, developing and leaning into creativity, and leading teams and organisations. And throughout this work, the intersection of career, relationships and family has more and more clear clear as vital to creating the most enriching and fulfilling lives we can.

Read more about why I created the group here.


Good, it does me, too.

If you think this group could be the perfect support for you on your journey, answer the coaching questions in the form below. If I think I might be able to support you, the the first thing we’ll do is meet and talk. From that conversation, we'll find out if you think I’m the person to support you on your journey, and if I think I’m the right coach - and this is the right programme - to help you to create a truly fulfilling life as a modern woman, where career, relationship and family support and enrich each other.


"Working with Robbie has smashed my expectations of what I thought we could do through coaching, and I'm a coach!" Kate Rees

"Robbie's intuition to know exactly when to be challenging supported me a lot in overcoming my resistance and moving forward to realise my dreams." Valeria Bernardy

"That was an amazing experience, I’ve been to other group coaching calls and never liked them but this one really worked amazingly." Robin Yu

When I first read about the Pioneering Women Programme my bristles did go up a little bit. But there’s something about the missing thing, in a way, in the women’s movement is for us as women to be really clear about who are our male allies. And I get a lot from women’s groups and the whole women’s empowerment thing, but I also think there’s so much to be gained from having male allies: how can we collaborate with men in a more productive way, and a way that gives us insight and builds trust, to be able to move towards a more equal future. And Robbie is a really good person to do that, to be a part of that.Helen Williams, Director, Rose & Butterfly

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