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The Coach's Journey


The Coach's Journey

Robbie Swale

I always know when I'm on the right track, because work becomes easier. I become more productive, too, and I get a very particular feeling in my chest. I've got that feeling now, writing this to launch my new six-month group coaching programme, The Coach's Journey.

The story of the programme really starts around eight months ago, when I wrote an article about my journey to becoming a full-time coach which ended up being read by over 7,000 people, some of whom are reading this now. The response to this was overwhelming and invigorating, and I'm so happy that something I created inspired so many people on their own journeys.

The second part came last summer, as two realisations came to me in quick succession. I wanted to create something for these same people. The conversations I have had with people who were inspired by that article are some of the most exciting and inspiring that I have ever had, amazing people on amazing journeys who - through the article and our conversation - I had unlocked something for. And I wanted to help these people more. And, separately, I wanted to work with groups. Powerful group experiences have been a part of my life throughout my career: from theatre groups and casts before I came to coaching, to working with organisations with to create amazing group learning experiences, including at The Coaching Schoolcoachingpartner and Clore Leadership Programme.

The final piece was when I started working with Rich Litvin on his group programme, The Prosperous Coach Salon. Rich has been an inspiration to me since very early in my coach's journey, through his amazing book and through hearing him do incredible coaching with others when he ran a session on the Coaches Rising Summit, showing me the kind of deep, powerful impact that coaching can create. Taking part in the Salon showed me again the power of being part of a group on a journey together, and also allowed me to learn from a master.

And so here I am. The Coach's Journey is launched. It's for coaches who want to take their business to a new level in 2018, and who want a coach and a group of fellow travelers to support and challenge them on that journey. I ran some test calls last year, and the coaches who came gave me amazing feedback and left me with lists of the insights they'd taken away - this was great for them and is exciting for me.


Are you a coach? If you are, and you want to put a real focus on your coaching and your business this year, then join me on a group coaching call. There are three coming up, on 24th and 31st January and 6th February. This will allow you to experience what powerful group coaching with me is like. The call will help me get to know you, too, and help both of us understand if this is the right programme for you now. There's no sell on the calls; this is about you experiencing something which I think will be powerful for you. It's about me serving you, helping you with something that's challenging you, so that whether or not you want to join me on calls like that for six months, you'll be further along your path. And it's about you connecting to other coaches who are on the journey with you. If, after the call, we both think it might be interesting to talk further, we'll book in some one-on-one time and get into more detail about what difference working together might make for you. You can book a place on the live calls, or let me know you want to speak to me directly, by using the form on this page of my website.


Do you know any coaches? The way the business of coaching works is through people talking to each other. Sometimes it's a coach and a client. Sometimes it's someone talking to a potential client. And I'd like your help with that second one. The Coach's Journey is for people who: 

  • Have been coaching for less than three years and want to make 2018 the year they take their business to a new level.
  • Have already received training in coaching and have coached people, whether paying or for free.
  • Have seen first-hand the magic of coaching, and the amazing things it can create.
  • Love coaching, and want to create a business - doing the work they love - which supports them to live an extraordinary life, whatever that means for them.  

Coaching is about questions, and here's the question for you: Who do you know? Who do you know who fits this, and who might - maybe 'just might' or maybe 'definitely will' - want to make this the year they take their coaching business to a new level, and create the extraordinary life within them? Pass on this article to them. Connect them to me. Have a word, and explain why you think this might be the right thing for them. The invitation to them is the same as it is to you - if you are a coach and this excites you, then join me on one of those calls. And let's see how I can support you. And then let's go from there.

I hope you're excited. I'm excited.

If you want to know more about the practical details, about me, about the programme, or to book to take part in a group coaching call, then read lots more about The Coach's Journey here, or via the link below. And if you have any questions, or want to discuss it more with me, you know where I am. 

Have a wonderful week, and whether or not this programme is for you, make the year ahead something special.