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Who I Work With

who i work with

These are the people I do my best work with:

People who want their work to be extraordinary.

Sometimes my clients' work is a mess. Sometimes it's OK. Sometimes it's already really excellent. But in all these cases, I help people understand what they really want it to be and create an extraordinary reality. 

People who want to rediscover their spark, their confidence and their inner strength.

Sometimes the world grinds good people down. I show people - and help them truly understand - their inner strength and what makes them unique, so they can take that into the world and build the life they want to live.

my clients

Want to have a big impact on the world.

Are ready to learn about themselves - asking and answering big questions.

Are high performers, whether they recognise that themselves or not.


Alice Mayor picture.jpg

"Robbie is an exceptional coach. I turned up to our first session after 3 years of an intense entrepreneurial endeavour with nothing left in the tank - I felt like a lost boat at sea without a horizon line. Through focused sessions where Robbie was fully committed to helping me identify my true path and tackling the barriers holding me back, I experienced a number of personal revelations that have enabled me to move forward with clarity and boldness. More so, I have a clear horizon line again and a calmness and contentment in knowing how to get there. Robbie will push you as far as you are willing to go and encourage you into places you didn't know existed - go with it, you can only end up somewhere more truthful than before!"

Alice Mayor, Founder, We Built This City

Faisal picture.jpg

"In the four months we have worked together Robbie Swale has had an amazing impact on my business and life.  Robbie has helped me to change the way I think about my business from one of worry and scarcity to one of possibility and abundance; the anxieties of first-time entrepreneurship have been replaced by joy and hopeful anticipation.  He has helped me to identify, challenge and overcome mental obstacles to growth.

Alongside this work on internal issues such as mindset and attitude, one of the most refreshing and (being new to coaching) surprising features of the engagement has been the focus on tangible and measurable external goals.  Robbie has really helped me to set and achieve seemingly difficult, improbable targets.  We have won more business from more clients as a direct result of his coaching.  More than that, we express a new level of confidence and assurance that has made a tangible, remarked-upon difference to our existing relationships."

Faisal Sheikh, Managing Director, Monmouth Capital

'Working with Robbie over the last three months has had a transformational impact on my career direction and ambition. His ability to ask the right questions and probe at the right moments enabled me to find clarity in what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I was starting to feel deflated by the pressure of running a company on my own and the coaching allowed me to reconnect with why I do it and to get excited about its potential again. The decisions I have taken as a result  of our time together would not have happened without his support, enthusiasm and ability to enable me to draw conclusions about what is the right direction for my career development.'

Charlotte Bennett, Associate Director, Soho Theatre


Kate pic.jpg

'Working with Robbie has smashed my expectations of what I thought we could do through coaching, and I'm a coach! We set really big goals for what I would achieve by the end of my engagement with him. I really was thinking they would be a serious stretch. But with Robbie's assured caring, supportive and challenging coaching I met them all, and with ease! My business has gone from strength to strength, as well as areas of my personal life, and I really think that I wouldn't be in the confident, successful place that I am now if it wasn't for him. I couldn't recommend him more highly and his coaching is worth every penny.'

Kate Rees, Coach